Promotion: Massaranduba decking

Massaranduba (you should pronounced it as ma-sa-ran-doo-bah), also known as Brazilian Redwood or Bulletwood, is a hardwood native from South America. It is known for being one of the most beautiful and hardest wood in the world.

Massaranduba is twice as strong as California Redwood and is even stronger than Ipe decking.

For all these features, Massaranduba is a perfect alternative for California Redwood. If you are planning to use California Redwood on your new deck, consider seriously buying this Brazilian hardwood instead.

See below our special prices and conditions for hardwood massaranduba decking.

Valid only this week or until stocks run out.

Prices and conditions

Massaranduba Decking AD 35% – S4S E4E

Sizes available

21mm x 145 mm x 6’-7’-8’-9’-10’-11’-12’-13’-14’-15’-18’

21mm x 145 mm x 6’-7’-8’-9’-10’-11’-12’-13’-14’-16’-17’

21mm x 145 mm x 6’-7’-8’’-9’ -10’-11’-12’-13’-15’-19’-20’’

21mm x 145 mm x 6’-7’-8’-9’-10’-11’-12’-13’-14’-16’-17’-18’-20’

21mm x 145 mm x 6’-7’-8’-9’-10’-11’-12’-13’-14’-15’-17’-18’-19’

Price: USD 1,236/m3

  • FOB price/m3
  • Payment against copy of B.L via email
  • Packing list available
  • Prompt shipment