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Brazilian Amescla Plywood

Amescla plywood - a tropical hardwood plywood

Tropical plywood is made of different species of tropical timber. Originally produced in Asia, this type of plywood is currently manufactured also in Africa and South America countries. Tropical plywood is superior to softwood plywood due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality. It is usually sold as a premium product in countries worldwide such as  UK, Japan, United States, Taiwan, Korea and Dubai. It is used for construction purposes in many regions due to its low cost, high quality and resistance.

Brazilian Amescla Plywood

Multilayer plywood board glued with WBP (phenolic) or MR glue and pressed at high temperature. It is recommended for furniture industry, packaging and construction due to its durability and resistance.

The amescla is found in transition forests and dense ombrophilous forest in the Brazilian states of Pará, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, Acre, Amazonas and Roraima.

The Amescla plywood is produced with wood from forest management, having very similar physical and mechanical characteristics such as beige-yellow coloration, lightness and moderate hardness.

This plywood is produced in different sizes, thicknesses and grades .  Besides 100% amescla plywood, there is also combi core amescla plywood available in the Brazilian market. In this kind of plywood only faces are amescla veneers and the core is made of Elliottis Pine or Eucalyptus plies.

In the gallery below you can see some pictures of the production process of amescla plywood.


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