deck is a flat surface similar to a floor which is typically constructed outdoors, often higher from the ground, and usually connected to a building. They can be used in different ways but usually are designed to enhance living areas of houses.  Wood decks are a very good and sustainable alternative to stone or concrete based areas such as patios or swimming pool landscaping places. 

Having you decided choose natural wood over composite decking, it is easy to realize that all kinds of wood are not exactly alike. You have to decide among those types that have potential for being good decks.

Tropical hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods deckings are the most sophisticated and luxurious choice. They are made to last up to 60 years.

Massaranduba decking

Ipe decking

Itauba decking

Cumaru decking

Garapeira decking

Muiracatiara decking

Square Tiles

Square tiles are the easiest way of building your deck. They are easy to install and come in customized sizes that can be adapted to your design. 

The picture shows an ipe square tile.

Garden tiles

Still in doubt about what decking wood is ideal for you? Contact us or request a quotation. Our team will get in touch  to help you make a good decision.